• About Us

      At Crystal Lore we are grateful to have the opportunity to bring Crystals into the lives of others.

      Our founder, Sarah, has seen her passion for Crystals evolve over many years. She has personally experienced a transformational shift in her thought patterns and outlook on life as a result of using crystal healing to clear densities and balance her energy centres.

      With our studio based in Sydney, here at Crystal Lore we focus our time on sourcing ethically mined crystals, creating wearable jewellery pieces and experimenting with crystal combinations to target specific needs.

    • Shipping

      Orders placed before 8pm AEDST will be shipped the following business day.

      We use Australia Post, with a flat rate of $10 for shipping Australia wide. Free shipping on all orders over $100 (Australia only).

      We offer express shipping for $15.

      Where possible our packaging is made from recycled materials. All stones are wrapped in acid free tissue paper. All jewellery is presented in an organza drawstring keep bag.

    • Crystal Care

      Be mindful that each variety of crystal is composed of different elements and a particular molecular structure. Some crystals will be more fragile or water soluble than others. Some crystals may fade in prolonged sunlight. Softer stones may scratch when they come into contact with other stones or cleaning agents like salt or rice. Please refer to the information card that comes with your crystal for the specific care instructions for your stone.